How founders can land their first product management jobs
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An extension of the popular blogpost "How I Transitioned from Startup Founder to Product Manager"

What you will learn?

I share concrete tips on how to...

1. Get your resume right

2. Find the right companies

3. Land the interviews

4. Nail the interviews

What's included?

My before and after resumes

Concrete tips

1. Apply to startups over large companies. Startups will value your experience more.

2. If you’re applying to larger companies, find roles seeking candidates comfortable with ambiguity.

3. Leverage your industry knowledge.

4. Lean in to what you’ve done before your startup too.

Example interview

"Reading Founder to Product Manager provided the concrete advice I needed to navigate my new career path as a PM. Hannah combines easy-to-follow instructions with personal experience to help founders like myself showcase their skills in the best light to new potential employers. This concise and smart read is a must-have for anyone looking to venture into the role of. PM. I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to learn from Hannah's journey through her book!"

Prianka Dhir, Founder to Product Manager at Maroo (YC S21)

"As a founder who transitioned into product management without any PM experience, I know how lacking the existing books are. Often, they are targeted towards engineers or consultants looking to transition into the PM role. But a founder's experiences are very different. In this book, Hannah has done a masterful job detailing how to translate your founder experiences for PM roles and interviews. If you're a founder and are looking to transition into PM, I can't think of a more perfect starting point than this book. I wish I had this when I made the switch."

Abi Raja, Founder to Product Manager at Lifion by ADP

"If you’re a founder looking to break-in to Product Management, look no further. Hannah has written a great standard operating procedure to decode the PM hiring process. Founder PMs bring in diversity, and excel at making products better for their users - the industry needs more of them."

Aditya Sharma, Founder to Product Manager at Uber and